Two 2020 Toyota Corolla cars parked next to each other

2020 Toyota Corolla dazzles with 8 exterior paint color options

2020 Toyota Corolla Paint Color Options 

If you are looking for a new car that can offer you all the qualities you’re looking for in a vehicle at a price you can afford, the 2020 Toyota Corolla is a perfect choice. With a long list of features and options to choose from as well as excellent safety protection, the 2020 Toyota Corolla has it all. The new 2020 Toyota Corolla is also a sporty car with stylish looks and striking exterior. Helping to dazzle you when shopping for a new 2020 Toyota Corolla are eight exterior paint color options to choose from. 

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2020 Toyota Corolla Exterior Color Options 

  • Classic Silver Metallic 
  • Black Sand Pearl 
  • Barcelona Red Metallic 
  • Super White
  • Blizzard Pearl 
  • Blue Crush Metallic 
  • NEW Celestite Gray Metallic 
  • NEW Blueprint 

2020 Toyota Corolla Classic Silver Metallic

2020 Toyota Corolla Black Sand Pearl

2020 Toyota Corolla Barcelona Red Metallic

2020 Toyota Corolla Super White

2020 Toyota Corolla Blizzard Pearl

2020 Toyota Corolla Blue Crush Metallic

2020 Toyota Corolla Celestite Gray Metallic

2020 Toyota Corolla Blueprint

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