group photo of 2020 nightshade edition models

How Many Toyota Nightshade Edition Models are There?

2020 Toyota Nightshade Edition Models

Whenever we get something new, we like to customize it to fit our personal style. We get colorful cases for our phones, change out the shoelaces in our tennis shoes, and paint our bedroom walls. Besides the list of color options, some manufacturers provide appearance packages for their vehicles. One appearance package is the Nightshade Edition from Toyota. There are only a select few models who have this appearance package option. Keep reading for the list of the 2020 Toyota Nightshade Edition models.

Which models have this design option?

Currently, five models have the Nightshade Edition appearance package. However, Toyota will be adding this package to three 2021 models. The 2021 Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Sequoia will be added to the list of Nightshade Edition models. The five 2020 Nightshade Edition models are:

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2020 Corolla SE nightshade passenger side driving

2020 corolla hatchback nightshade rear fascia passenger side driving

What is the Nightshade Special Edition?

If you are interested in the Nightshade Edition models, you need to know what design features this package provides. While some features can vary from model to model, there are a few features that are shared across all five models. All design features are black to get that nighttime feeling. All five models come with black allow wheels, black Toyota emblem, and black badges. Additionally, there are black accents around the exterior including the rear spoiler, roof rails, front grille, and side mirrors. The exterior paint color options are Midnight Black Metallic, Super White, and Celestial Silver Metallic.

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