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snapshot from toyota's "r+s" commercial featuring multiple toyota trucks helping cut down tree

Check Out Toyota’s History-Making Toyotathon Commercial

It’s the 38th year of Toyotathon! The time of the year to get all the best deals on new Toyota models at your favorite dealership like Hesser Toyota! To celebrate, Toyota recently released a brand-new commercial that ran during NBC’s “The Voice”. This commercial was historic because it was the first 100-second commercial in broadcast history!  Read the rest of this entry >>

toyota start your impossible campaign banner

Toyota Launches Global Mobility Campaign with Paralympic Games

Toyota prides itself on being a brand that strives for equality for all and helping everyone achieve their impossible dream, regardless of impairments. In celebration of Toyota’s eight-year global sponsorship of The Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota is launching its first ever global marketing campaign about mobility, called “Start Your Impossible”.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Corolla Commercial Features Lesley Gore Song

What Song is Playing in the 2017 Toyota Corolla Commercial?

What are the most memorable commercials? The catchy ones that stick in our heads. Even if we don’t know the songs, we find that they are instantly recognizable when we hear them through a different medium. And we often find ourselves humming them throughout the day without realizing where we picked them up. Well for us at Hesser Toyota, the new Toyota Corolla commercial is on constant repeat. But, what song is playing in the 2017 Toyota Corolla commercial?

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We all had feels during the 2015 Toyota Camry Big Game commercials

2015 Toyota Camry Janesville WI

For many of us, our favorite football team didn’t make it to the Big Game this year. However, we were still able to take in all of the amazing ads that took place throughout the event. Is it just us, or did every commercial make you cry this year? One thing we know for sure is that Toyota put out two of the best advertisements of the entire game. The Muhammad Ali speech in the 2015 Toyota Camry Big Game ad entitled “How Great I Am” gave us chills. Read the rest of this entry >>

How many Muppets can fit in a 2014 Toyota Highlander?

2014 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl ad

How many crazy characters can you bring along on your adventures?

Families and large groups of travelers are choosing the 2014 Toyota Highlander for its versatile passenger space and customizable cargo room. As seen in the 2014 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl ad, there is plenty of room for even the craziest characters and all of their gear. This year, the automaker released its Super Bowl ad featuring actor Terry Crews and the whole Muppets gang, and the conclusion we all reached is that the Highlander can take drivers and their whole team of passengers wherever their adventures lead while keeping everyone comfortable. See the commercial below. Read the rest of this entry >>

The Muppets are about to take over the 2014 Toyota Highlander during the Super Bowl

2014 Toyota Highlander Muppet Super Bowl trailer

2014 Toyota Highlander Mupper Super Bowl trailer

The Muppets are about to take over the 2014 Toyota Highlander.

It’s almost time. The Super Bowl is getting nearer, which means the only thing more exciting than watching the two best teams in the NFL go head to head is about to happen – Super Bowl commercials. All of the biggest brands will be launching their commercials on game day, and in many cases, the competition is even more intense than the game itself. Commercials are one of the most anticipated parts of the Big Game and some brands are even taunting viewers with a peek into their upcoming ads. Toyota is building up the excitement for Super Bowl Sunday by releasing its 2014 Toyota Highlander Muppet Super Bowl trailer. Read the rest of this entry >>