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Mechanic working on engine

Schedule A/C Repair in Southern Wisconsin

Summer is approaching, which means that before we know it, temperatures will be in the 80s and the sun will be scolding be hot. There is nothing better than escaping to a cool vehicle after a day out and about in the warm summer heat, but when the A/C is out of operation, a vehicle can be incredibly uncomfortable and borderline dangerous, especially when pets and little ones are in the vehicle. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is out of commission and you want to get it fixed in southern Wisconsin, schedule a service appointment at Hesser Toyota in Janesville! Continue reading below to learn more.

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2020 Toyota RAV4 silver exterior front fascia driver side parked mountain and forest background

Learn 10 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Warm Summer Months!

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Another long Wisconsin winter has come to a close, which is a welcome change for all drivers and their vehicles. Winter is a long and hard season because it brings on harsh conditions, freezing temperatures, rock salt, slick and dangerous roads. Over the winter months, vehicles experience wear and tear from the rock salt, freezing temperatures and ice, not to mention the lack of TLC throughout the winter months. Are you wondering how to get your car ready for summer? Continue reading below to learn 10 ways to prepare your vehicle for warm weather on our Hesser Toyota blog!

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Muffler and exhaust under car

Exhaust and Muffler Service in Rock County, WI

The exhaust and muffler are essential to the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. The intricate system of pipes carries the gasses and carbon monoxide from the engine, below the vehicle and out of the muffler at the rear of the vehicle. The system is pressurized and over time, it may wear down, become rusty or even have a few cracks and holes that need to be repaired. Are you wondering how to tell when your muffler and exhaust need repairs? How about where to bring your vehicle for exhaust and muffler service in Rock County, WI? Continue reading below to learn more!

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2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid from exterior front

Learn how to set up the Toyota+Alexa App!

Video: Toyota+Alexa App Setup Walkthrough

The Toyota+Alexa App unlocks a world of capabilities for the driver. One feature is the Toyota+Alexa system, which allows the driver to use their Amazon Alexa system while driving their vehicle. The driver can say “Alexa, skip a song,” or “Alexa, what is the temperature outside?” and via the Toyota vehicle’s hands-free Bluetooth® system, Alexa completes the request. This application is free to use and helps enhance each drive. Want to learn how to use the Toyota+Alexa App? Watch the video made by Toyota below!

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Car brakes and disc up close

How to Tell When Brakes Need Service

There is no denying that brakes play a central role in the performance of every vehicle. The brake system is intricate and consists of numerous mechanical components that need to be serviced from time to time. Luckily, the brake system is designed to let the driver know when it needs to be serviced. Continue reading below to learn how to tell when brakes need service and how to schedule a brake service at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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2021 Toyota 4Runner Apple CarPlay

How to Use Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ in a 2021 Toyota Vehicle

New 2021 Toyota models are loaded with intuitive technology that add ease, convenience, entertainment and safety to each drive. Two highly sought-after features on new vehicles are Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® smartphone integration systems. Are you wondering how to use Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ smartphone integration systems in your 2021 Toyota model? Continue reading below for a step-by-step walkthrough from our team at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI!

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Mechanic with thumbs up next to tire

Learn about Tire Replacement at Hesser Toyota

Shop Toyota Tires in Janesville, WI

Tires play an essential role in the driving of any vehicle. That’s why it is so important to make sure your vehicle is equipped with quality, reliable tires that have plenty of tread to gain traction in all sorts of conditions. Typically, tires last five to six years, with the exception of tires that get punctured from running over a sharp object, have cracks and bulges in their walls or show irregular tire wear brought on by a lack of tire rotations and preventative maintenance.  Are you trying to figure out if your vehicle needs to have its tires replaced? Continue reading below to learn about shopping for Toyota Tires at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI.

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2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition

Get Ready for Winter in Wisconsin with a 4×4 Vehicle

Shop New & Used 4×4 Models in Janesville, WI

Now that it is December, it is hard to deny that winter is upon us. The leaves have fallen off the trees, temperatures are dropping and the Packers are already several games into the season. This means that pretty soon, we will be driving through snow, ice, slush, sleet and other conditions that come with winter. Make sure you are ready for winter driving by shopping for a new or used 4×4 vehicle at Hesser Toyota in Janesville.

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