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How Efficient is the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
amber 2019 toyota avalon hybrid driving on road next to beach

Have you heard? The 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is finally here and available at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, Wisconsin! The newest edition of the widely-popular sedan hybrid looks to be its best ever! Of course, the number one question, though, is how efficient is the new 2019 Avalon Hybrid?  (more…)

2019 Toyota Avalon Takes Home Award at Texas Show!

Thursday, April 19th, 2018
white 2019 toyota avalon against black background

Although the 2019 Toyota Avalon has yet to make it to dealerships yet, it’s already started racking up awards! Recently, it earned a first-place ranking in the full-size car category at the Texas Auto Writers Association’s 2018 Texas Auto Roundup! Read more to see what judges liked the most about the 2019 Avalon!  (more…)

Get Your First Look at the 2019 Toyota Avalon!

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
white 2019 toyota avalon against white background with shadows

Recently, Toyota gave the world a sneak peek at the new 2019 Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid that will hit dealer floors in spring 2018! It was an exciting unveiling, as the 2019 Toyota Avalon received huge a makeover to its design, interior technology and under the hood! Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about this exciting new generation of the Toyota Avalon!  (more…)

Eye the Efficiency & Performance Specs of the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Performance Efficiency

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Performance & Efficiency

When we picture a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, we all picture some itty-bitty tuna-can car that looks like it will flip over with a slight breeze.  That perception is a thing of the past now thanks to the eye-catching style of the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.  An aggressive front fascia with an oversized grille dominate the appearance of the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid and long running body accents create a sporty feel for the efficient Avalon Hybrid.  Don’t let your preconceived notions of what a hybrid vehicle can be spoil your opportunity to experience the performance and efficiency of the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid. (more…)

What can we Expect From the 2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Performance and Safety Technology

2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Performance and Safety Technology

The new generation of the 2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid performance and safety technology are looking pretty impressive. The redesigned Avalon Hybrid has a bold exterior and an increased efficiency. The new Avalon Hybrid’s exterior exudes a sophisticated confidence that other cars aspire to.


What is Qi wireless charging?

Saturday, February 6th, 2016
What is Qi wireless charging

We’ve all been there – after a day of using our smartphones and other mobile devices non-stop we notice our batteries are 12 percent. We’ve also had this happen when we conveniently leave our chargers at home. Thanks to new innovations over at Toyota drivers no longer have to wait until they’re reunited with their chargers to give their devices the boost in power they need. (more…)

Toyota officially sold 8 million hybrids

Friday, August 21st, 2015
2015 Toyota hybrids

Toyota announced on Twitter today that the mark was reached for 8 million hybrids sold. The news is exciting not only for Toyota but for the environment and future generations to come. With the amount of hybrids Toyota has sold, the world was spared from some of the pollution that is emitted from regular vehicle. (more…)

The Prius ain’t the only hybrid in town

Friday, January 3rd, 2014
2014 Toyota Avalon Janesville, WI

2014 Toyota Avalon hybrid

If you want more class with your efficiency and the Prius just isn’t your cup of tea, consider switching your green drive to the 2014 Toyota Avalon hybrid. Keeping up with other vehicles in its class, the 2014 Toyota Avalon hybrid fuel economy shows that it’s possible to possess sophistication and fuel consciousness in one car. (more…)

Christmas saved…by the Toyota Avalon Hybrid?

Monday, December 23rd, 2013
2014 Toyota Avalon Santa

Go Santa Go!

All over the country, children will be waiting up for the arrival of Santa Claus this Christmas Eve. With his magic reindeer and sleigh in tow, nothing can stop Santa. But what if the sleigh broke down and the reindeer lost their magic? Santa doesn’t exactly carry a lot of cash with him, and getting the sleigh fixed on Christmas Eve would be a stretch for sure. Well, we can tell you how Wisconsin’s Christmas would be saved if the sleigh broke down here in Janesville. (more…)

Six fuel-savvy Toyota vehicles earn 40 mpg or more

Monday, November 18th, 2013

KBB 40 mpg cars of 2013

While we welcome many new Toyota vehicles to the 2014 model year, we celebrate six of the most fuel-efficient vehicles of 2013. Six of the KBB 40 mpg cars of 2013 are representing the Toyota family, and at Hesser Toyota we’re happy to offer a brand that dedicates its innovation to creating cars that perform both powerfully and efficiently.

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid – taking the top spot as the most fuel-efficient member of the Avalon brood, this sophisticated hybrid earns an EPA-estimated 40 combined mpg while providing a 680-mile gas/electric range. The Avalon Hybrid also pumps out up to 200 horsepower, showing that power doesn’t have to be left in the shadows for efficiency. (more…)