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2021 Toyota Venza Coastal Gray Metallic with available Advanced Technology Package and Star Gaze™ fixed panoramic roof

Toyota Star Gaze™ Sunroof Features: Everything You Need to Know

What Makes the Star Gaze™ Sunroof Special? 

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh breeze around their heads? Gaze at the star with Star Gaze™ Sunroof! This sunroof is a game-changer in the Toyota lineup. It is a fixed panoramic roof that gives you a convertible-style experience and transforms from opaque to transparent in a single click. Keep reading this Hesser Toyota blog post to learn more about the Toyota Star Gaze™ Sunroof sunroof features. 

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white prius prime

See Just How Efficient The Prius Prime Is

2021 Toyota Prius Prime Fuel Economy & Performance Capabilities 

You have probably seen certain vehicle commercials that brag about this much horsepower or that much torque. In reality, those numbers rarely matter, especially when considering power-to-weight ratio, as well as the fact that most drivers simply won’t notice the difference in power during their daily drive. What is far more important, and what drivers will notice, however, is efficiency. 

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front and side view of blue 2019 toyota prius awd-e

What Hybrids Are Available at Hesser Toyota?

Shop Toyota Hybrids in Janesville, WI

Toyota has been an innovator for generations, and that is especially true when it comes to hybrids. Quick—what do you first think of when you see the word “hybrid?” Chances are good that the Toyota Prius comes to mind, right? The Prius was just the beginning. When you shop Toyota hybrids in Janesville, WI, you will see that your options are plentiful. Read ahead for more details! 

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2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road

Watch How 2020 Toyota Models Match Up to the Competition!

2020 Toyota Models vs. Competition Comparison Videos

Are you shopping for a new Toyota and want to see how it matches up to the competition? We’ve got you covered. Check out video comparisons of the 2020 Toyota RAV4 against the 2020 Honda CR-V, 2020 Subaru Forester and 2020 Nissan Rogue, the 2020 Toyota Prius against the 2020 Honda Insight, the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback against the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback and the 2020 Toyota Sienna against the 2020 Honda Odyssey. Then, check out our informative model research and view our new Toyota inventory!

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2020 Toyota Prius blue exterior driver side stopped raining outside

What Technology Features are Available for the 2020 Toyota Prius?

2020 Toyota Prius Available Technology Features

Technology has taken over the world. Most people have smartphones, smart speakers and smart TVs. This advanced technology has spread to vehicles as well. Infotainment centers now have touchscreens, smartphone integration and charging stations. One vehicle that has intuitive technology is the 2020 Toyota Prius. So, what technology features does the 2020 Toyota Prius have? Keep reading to find out! Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Prius side profile

Top 6 photos of the Toyota Prius on Instagram

Toyota Prius Instagram Photos 

The Toyota Prius is known for giving drivers the fuel efficiency they need to save money on gasoline and to get the most miles out of every drop. With an innovative engine design that combines a gas engine with a hybrid motor, the Toyota Prius can deliver an incredible fuel economy rating on the highway and in the city. If you haven’t seen the new Toyota Prius, these six photos of it on Instagram will help you get a better look at its stylish exterior.  Read the rest of this entry >>