Toyota Safety Sense

What is the Difference Between Toyota Safety Sense C and Safety Sense P?

Safety has never been far from the minds of the designers and engineers at Toyota, and if this was in doubt in any way, we need look no further than the new Toyota Safety Sense package. Found on all new Toyota models, the Safety Sense package takes two forms: the Toyota Safety Sense C, and Toyota Safety Sense P. But what is the difference between the two?

What is the Difference Between Toyota Safety Sense C and P?

Toyota Safety Sense Overview

Since there are so many uncertainties as far as travel is concerned, Toyota hopes to eliminate one of the most common of them all. By helping to assist in the driver’s overall experience by heightening awareness, which in turn leads to better decision-making and vehicle operation under all driving conditions, the Safety Sense package goes a long way toward delivering the security that modern Toyota operators demand.

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Toyota Safety Sense C

The first segment of the two packages we’ll describe is the Toyota Safety Sense C package, which is found on compact models such as the Yaris, Corolla IM, Prius and Prius C.

This package includes options such as the Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Vehicle Detection, Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Automatic High Beams (AHB). Standard on the compact models listed above, these proprietary technologies combine a camera and laser to help prevent collisions.

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Toyota Safety Sense P

Building on what is offered in the “C” package, the Toyota Safety Sense P package takes the three features listed above and adds a number of others. Chief among these are an in-vehicle camera and front-grille-mounted radar. Taken together, these contribute to such awesome amenities as Pedestrian Detection, Steering Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and more.

The new Toyota Safety Sense P package is offered on all models that aren’t receiving the TSS-C package, such as the RAV4, Corolla and Highlander.

All told, the two TSS packages work to make your drive in a new Toyota much safer than it might be otherwise. To learn more about this fantastic safety system, visit us at Hesser Toyota today!