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Exhaust and Muffler Service in Rock County, WI

The exhaust and muffler are essential to the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. The intricate system of pipes carries the gasses and carbon monoxide from the engine, below the vehicle and out of the muffler at the rear of the vehicle. The system is pressurized and over time, it may wear down, become rusty or even have a few cracks and holes that need to be repaired. Are you wondering how to tell when your muffler and exhaust need repairs? How about where to bring your vehicle for exhaust and muffler service in Rock County, WI? Continue reading below to learn more!

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Mechanic working on exhaust

How can you tell when a vehicle’s exhaust and muffler need service?

There are several symptoms that indicate when the muffler and exhaust need service. Perhaps the most obvious is when the vehicle is very loud, especially when accelerating. other symptoms include slow acceleration or smell in the cabin and fluid leaking from the muffler and/or exhaust system. Additionally, the driver should bring their vehicle in if they notice the muffler is hanging low or see cracks and/or holes in the muffler and exhaust system.

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If you notice any issues with your exhaust and muffler system, bring your vehicle to trusted service technicians so they can expect and make the repairs necessary to make your car safe and ready for the road. Southern Wisconsin drivers are encouraged to bring their vehicles to Hesser Toyota in Janesville, Wisconsin, so are experienced and Toyota OEM trained technicians can provide the service and repairs necessary. Feel free to schedule a service appointment online or by giving us a call at 608-754-7754. We hope to see you soon!