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Learn 10 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Warm Summer Months!

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Another long Wisconsin winter has come to a close, which is a welcome change for all drivers and their vehicles. Winter is a long and hard season because it brings on harsh conditions, freezing temperatures, rock salt, slick and dangerous roads. Over the winter months, vehicles experience wear and tear from the rock salt, freezing temperatures and ice, not to mention the lack of TLC throughout the winter months. Are you wondering how to get your car ready for summer? Continue reading below to learn 10 ways to prepare your vehicle for warm weather on our Hesser Toyota blog!

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10 Ways to Prep Your Vehicle for Warm Weather

  1. Check and top off engine oil if it is needed.
  2. Replace windshield wipers and fluids.
  3. Test battery and change if needed.
  4. Check belts and hoses.
  5. Vacuum and shampoo interior.
  6. Wash and wax exterior.
  7. Check head and taillights.
  8. Make sure the vehicle’s air conditioner is running properly and blows cool air.
  9. Check tire pressure, tread depth and tread wear.
  10. Bring the vehicle in for a multi-point inspection.

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