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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Months

There are several steps that drivers can take to prepare their vehicle for the harsh winter months in Wisconsin. With the long snowy season come slick and slippery roads, freezing temperatures, as well as snow, ice, rock salt and other materials that can be harmful to the vehicle’s paint job. If you are interested in taking steps to prepare your car for the winter months, continue reading below!

5 Ways to Vehicle Ready for Winter

Mechanic checking battery

Check Battery Level

It is very important to check a vehicle’s battery with a voltmeter to make sure it is in good condition, because the engine has to work harder to start and relies more heavily on the battery to do so. By checking cold cranking amps, you get a better idea of how the battery will perform in cold temperatures.

Wash and Wax Exterior

Winter is a tough season for a vehicle’s paint job. Not only do freezing temperatures make it tougher to get a car wash, but snow, slush and rock salt can be corrosive to the paint job if left on the vehicle for too long. For this reason, we advise drivers to wash and wax their vehicle before snow falls, just to ensure that there is an extra layer of protection between corrosive material and the vehicle’s paint.

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Mechanic refilling engine oil

Check and Refill Fluids

As a general rule of thumb, check your vehicle’s oil, coolant, transmission fluid, windshield wash fluid and other fluids before winter to make sure you are prepared for the harsh conditions approaching.

Check and Refill Tires

Winter brings on slick and slippery road conditions that call for quality tires. Tires cannot perform at peak efficiency without enough tire pressure and unfortunately, colder temperatures result in loss of tire pressure. We suggest Wisconsin drivers remain diligent about checking the tire pressure of each tire at least weekly.

Install All-Weather Floor Mats

If you want to keep your vehicle’s carpet in pristine condition, consider investing in all-weather floor mats (which you can order through the Hesser Toyota Parts department) that provide complete coverage of the vehicle’s carpet. If you are familiar with winter in Wisconsin, you are probably also familiar with the damage rock salt (which enters the vehicle via slush or snow on footwear) does to carpets.

Schedule a Vehicle Inspection in Janesville, WI

If you would rather turn to local automotive professionals to prepare your vehicle for winter, schedule a vehicle inspection service appointment at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI! Check out the services we offer and schedule a service appointment today. We hope to work with you soon!

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