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How Will You Know that Clutch of Your Vehicle Needs to be Replaced?

Clutch Maintenance in Janesville, WI  

This is known to all that clutch transfers power to transmission and wheels. You might not think about clutch maintenance, but it is essential to increase the lifespan of transmission and to save yourself from spending money on expensive repairs. If your clutch is wearing out, you might have difficulty shifting gears. Join Hesser Toyota dealership in Janesville, WI, as we tell you the importance of clutch in your vehicle. Keep reading to know more!  

Signs that Your Clutch Needs Maintenance:  

  • The Clutch Padel feels loose and vibrating  
  • Shifting gears is difficult  
  • Bad acceleration  
  • Noise when you press the clutch  
  • When you press the clutch, it stays on the floor.  

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Here are a few tips you should follow to save your clutch from deteriorating:  

  • You need to be aware of the amount of heat your clutch is exposed to. Clutch, transmission, and engine work closely, and if any of it is overheated, there will be extra wear and tear.  

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  • Sometimes, you need to change your old habit. If you want to save your clutch from wearing out, try not to rest your foot on the clutch while driving. It is recommended to keep your foot next to the pedal on the floor.  
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  • When you use the vehicle’s clutch, heat produces small pockets of air into the hydraulic fluid used within the clutch. If this happens, your clutch will be soft. You need to bleed that fluid and use a fresh clutch fluid so that your clutch performs smoothly.  

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If you have questions or want to get maintenance of your vehicle done by professionals, contact us at Hesser Toyota dealership in Janesville, WI. You can also view our online inventory. We hope to see you soon!