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Schedule A/C Repair in Southern Wisconsin

Summer is approaching, which means that before we know it, temperatures will be in the 80s and the sun will be scolding be hot. There is nothing better than escaping to a cool vehicle after a day out and about in the warm summer heat, but when the A/C is out of operation, a vehicle can be incredibly uncomfortable and borderline dangerous, especially when pets and little ones are in the vehicle. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is out of commission and you want to get it fixed in southern Wisconsin, schedule a service appointment at Hesser Toyota in Janesville! Continue reading below to learn more.

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How can you tell when a vehicle’s A/C is going out?

There are several signs that indicate when a vehicle’s A/C system needs service. Just a few signs include when the system is turned on but blows warm air, the temperature dramatically changes without being prompted, little to no air comes out of the vents and/or the system itself does not engage when it is turned on. Other symptoms include leaks in the A/C emits bad odors or unusual noises when it is on.

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Schedule a Service Appointment at Hesser Toyota

If you are interested in having your vehicle’s air conditioning system serviced in southern Wisconsin, feel free to schedule a service appointment at Hesser Toyota in Janesville. Our dealership offers a state-of-the-art service facility and our service technicians have the skills and experience necessary to make the corrections and changes needed to get your vehicle’s A/C system and other components operating to the best of their ability once again. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 608-754-7754. We hope to see you soon!