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Learn about Tire Replacement at Hesser Toyota

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Tires play an essential role in the driving of any vehicle. That’s why it is so important to make sure your vehicle is equipped with quality, reliable tires that have plenty of tread to gain traction in all sorts of conditions. Typically, tires last five to six years, with the exception of tires that get punctured from running over a sharp object, have cracks and bulges in their walls or show irregular tire wear brought on by a lack of tire rotations and preventative maintenance.  Are you trying to figure out if your vehicle needs to have its tires replaced? Continue reading below to learn about shopping for Toyota Tires at Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI.

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How To Tell When Tires Should Be Replaced

There are several things drivers can check to determine whether their tires should be replaced or not. First, they should inspect the walls of the tires for cracks and bulges, which are a tell-tale sign that it’s time to invest in a new set of tires. Second, drivers should examine their tire tread and if the tread depth is lower that 3/32 of an inch, they should be replaced. If tire tread is worn unevenly between the front and back tires, it may be time to invest in new tires or get a tire rotation. Drivers can also visit Hesser Toyota to have our service technicians examine their tires and help shed light on their condition.

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Shop New Tires at Hesser Toyota

Whether you know you need new tires or need a professional opinion to determine if you do, you can visit the Hesser Toyota Service Center and our expert team of technicians will gladly assist you. Visit out Hesser Toyota Tire Center to order your tires and schedule an appointment, or give us a call at 608-754-7754 to speak with a member of our staff. We hope to see you soon!