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What Are The Signs That Your Car Battery is Dying?

Determining The Importance Of a Car Battery

Toyota’s cars require a lot of electricity to operate which can sometimes cause the car’s battery power to run low if not recharged frequently and properly. In the car, you will find various electrical features. Even security systems depend on batteries for extra power when the car is off. The fact is that vehicle batteries just wear out over time. Every battery reaches the point where it does not hold enough of a charge to start the vehicle. You can extend the battery’s life by getting preventive routine maintenance.  Read the blog to determine the importance of a car battery at our dealership, Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI.

A car mechanic replaces a battery during maintenance.
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Signs To Identify A Dead Car Battery

Below are some tips to maintain the car’s battery

  • If the check engine light in your car frequently runs out of battery. Consult your car’s manual and get an insight on this warning sign and when the light indicates a faulty electrical system.
  • A slow engine start is the main cause of battery components wearing out. This will cause the battery to take more than usual time to charge, and you will have to wait longer for the engine to turn over. 
  • A battery powers all of the electronics in your car. If a battery loses its charge, the electric components in a car won’t work properly. This is a classic sign that your car battery is close to being dead. 
  • Exposure to extreme heat or cold can affect your battery case. The chances of cracking or swelling are a sign your battery needs to be replaced.
  • In ideal conditions, car batteries last three to five years. Driving habits and climate affect the lifespan of a battery. It’s a good idea to get your batteries regularly checked. 

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If you are car is experiencing any of these symptoms, visit our dealership Hesser Toyota in Janesville, WI. We have certified professionals that are dedicated to helping you with a diagnostic test and replacing the battery.