Three Toyota SUVs parked side by side

What happens when you don’t change the oil in your Toyota frequently?

How often you should change the oil in your Toyota?

Changing oil is very important for the proper functioning of your vehicle. The oil acts as a lubricant which helps in maintaining proper friction between car parts while driving. The frequency of getting the oil changed in your Toyota may vary from vehicle to vehicle. It depends upon how much you drive your car, which model do you own or how old is your car.

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When should you change the oil in your Toyota?

Toyota professional checking car oil

The first thing to do is check your vehicle’s owner’s manual and get the car oil changed when recommended. If you didn’t follow the instructions in the manual and want to know when you should change the oil in your Toyota, then keep on reading. You should keep an eye out for certain signs as they’ll let you know if it’s time for you to change your car oil.

The signs that indicate you should change your car oil include engine making more noise than before, oil change or check engine light is on, and oil color turned dark. If you see any of these signs in your car then make sure you change the oil in your car or get it changed by a Toyota professional. A well-maintained car goes a long way and it’s up to you how you take care of your car.

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Getting your Toyota oil changed in Janesville, WI

If you know how to change the oil in your Toyota, then it is a good thing. But if you have the slightest doubt about doing so, make sure you get it changed by a Toyota professional. If you are looking for an oil change for your Toyota vehicle in Janesville, WI, then book our service at the Hesser Toyota dealership now! Our professionals will take care of your Toyota and will make sure all its parts are working fine before you leave the dealership.