What is Qi wireless charging

What is Qi wireless charging?

We’ve all been there – after a day of using our smartphones and other mobile devices non-stop we notice our batteries are 12 percent. We’ve also had this happen when we conveniently leave our chargers at home. Thanks to new innovations over at Toyota drivers no longer have to wait until they’re reunited with their chargers to give their devices the boost in power they need.

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Qi wireless charging is now making its way to vehicles throughout the Toyota lineup. But what is Qi wireless charging exactly? Pronounced “chee,” this wireless charging system operates on inductive power to transfer energy to compatible devices through a charging pad. Without using a cable, Qi sends electromagnetic power to compatible smartphones and mobile devices when placed on the charging pad. Drivers no longer have to fumble with cords, USBs, etc. when their phones need a burst of energy.

Which Toyota vehicles have Qi wireless charging?

Currently, there are seven Toyota vehicles equipped with the Qi wireless charging system. The vehicles come equipped with the Qi charging area, which drivers will place their devices on for convenient, seamless charging during their travels.

2016 Toyota Avalon2016 Toyota Avalon
2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
2016 Toyota Camry2016 Toyota Camry
2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid
2016 Toyota Land Cruiser2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
2016 Toyota Prius2016 Toyota Prius
2016 Toyota Tacoma2016 Toyota Tacoma

How to use Qi wireless charging

Above is a video offering step-by-step instructions on how to use the Qi wireless charging system. The ease of using this system will likely result in drivers retiring the cords and cables they often forget anyway.

To utilize the Qi wireless charging system, drivers can first schedule a test drive with a compatible Toyota vehicle at Hesser Toyota. We look forward to keeping our drivers in control of each area of their travel experience. Contact our team with any questions on how to utilize the charging system or any other available Toyota features.