2016 Toyota Avalon vs 2016 Lexus ES 350

Luxury isn't reserved for premium vehicle brands, which is evident in the competition between the 2016 Toyota Avalon and 2016 Lexus ES 350. These vehicles offer near-identical performances at different price points, which makes value the deciding factor between the two models. The 2016 Lexus ES 350 has branding on its side thanks to the iconic Lexus name. The vehicle is dressed in luxury from headlight to taillight with a performance to match. Generating up to 268 horsepower, the ES 350 is a powerful and athletic option in the sedan segment. Earning up to an estimated 31 mpg highway fuel economy, the vehicle also demonstrates a dedication to efficiency under the hood. Offering up to 15.2 cubic feet of space in its trunk, the ES 350 reserves the cabin for its travelers. Starting at $38,000 MSRP, the vehicle makes its sophistication known with every mile it travels.
2016 Toyota Avalon vs 2016 Lexus ES 350

2016 Toyota Avalon VS 2016 Lexus ES 350
31 MPG 31
$32,650 MSRP $38,000
268 Horsepower 268
16.0 cu. ft. Cargo capacity 15.2 cu. ft.

2016 Toyota Avalon Janesville, Wisconsin

Keeping up with vehicles in the premium sedan segment is the stunning 2016 Toyota Avalon. The vehicle starts at a lower price point of $32,650 MSRP while offering identical performance capabilities to the 2016 Lexus ES 350. Generating 268 horsepower while also earning an estimated 31 mpg highway fuel economy, the Avalon proves that luxury is available at various tiers of the sedan segment. The Avalon does offer slightly more space in its trunk at 16.0 cubic feet, which ensures passengers get to utilize each centimeter of space inside the cabin at their leisure. Drivers interested in experiencing the 2016 Toyota Avalon's value can schedule a test drive at Hesser Toyota today.

2016 Toyota Avalon LED headlights
2016 Toyota Avalon touchscreen
2016 Toyota Avalon driver cabin
2016 Toyota Avalon passenger space

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