2016 Toyota Corolla near Beloit WI

2016 Toyota Corolla near Beloit, WI

There are few vehicles still on the road today that have as long and superior a legacy as the Toyota Corolla. The sedan has been serving individuals and families with efficiency, athleticism and innovation for decades. Now available as the 2016 Toyota Corolla near Beloit, Wisconsin, the vehicle is showing off its best performance features and technology options to date. Also available as a Special Edition model, the Corolla gives drivers the chance to experience the vehicle in a way that's never been offered before.

From the inside out, the Corolla has a flare for sportiness. While its appearance is sleek, its aerodynamic construction also allows for a more efficient and agile performance. Dedication to efficiency is also seen in the Corolla's LE Eco trim, which is capable of earning an estimated 42 mpg highway fuel economy when its ECO Mode button is engaged. When drivers opt for the Corolla's available 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine with Valvematic technology, the vehicle can also deliver a spritely 140-horsepower performance.


Regardless of which trim drivers select for the Corolla there won't be a shortage of efficiency under the hood. However, if driving consciously is one of the drivers biggest priorities, the Corolla LE Eco is the leading choice. When equipped with the Valvematic engine and ECO driving mode, the Corolla LE Eco can earn up to an estimated 42 mpg highway fuel economy without losing the athleticism drivers love about the vehicle.



Even above efficiency and power, the Corolla's biggest goal at the end of the day is keeping its passengers safe from harm. The 2016 Toyota Corolla comes standard with eight airbags to protect its precious cargo. It also employs the Star Safety System to protect against any potential challenge that may come up. Tools like the Tire Pressure Monitor System are also utilized to keep drivers informed on the vehicle's performance.


Special Edition

Diehard Corolla fans can celebrate the vehicle's resilience in the automotive industry with the Special Edition model. The vehicle is dressed with exclusive Absolutely Red exterior paint and unique badging indicating its special edition status. The vehicle is also available with 17-inch gloss-black wheels, the Smart Key System and contrasting interior details that emphasize the vehicle's athletic heritage and performance strengths.

2016 Toyota Corolla rear view
2016 Toyota Corolla interior
2016 Toyota Corolla driver cabin
2016 Toyota Corolla interior technology

Inside the 2016 Toyota Corolla

The exterior and under the hood aren't the only areas of the 2016 Toyota Corolla earning special detailing and innovation. The Corolla is packed with some of the most innovative technology features in the industry, let alone in the sedan segment. Available with the Entune Premium Audio system with Integrated Navigation and App Suite brings together the driver's most-needed tools and entertainment features like the backup camera, navigation system, Pandora radio, etc. All of these features can be accessed on the system's 6.1-inch touchscreen display.

Among those features is integrated Bluetooth connectivity, which allows drivers to access their most-needed contacts during travel without losing focus on the road. The system also gives drivers the opportunity to stream their favorite driving music without having to fumble with a smart phone or MP3 player. The Corolla is also equipped with available voice recognition technology, which makes accessing all of these tools and technologies safer and more convenient for the driver. Those interested in exploring what more the 2016 Toyota Corolla has to share can schedule a test drive at Hesser Toyota today.

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