2016 Toyota Corolla vs 2016 Ford Focus

One of the most-competitive and filled-out segments in the automotive industry is the sedan class. Two of the more athletic contenders are the 2016 Toyota Corolla and 2016 Ford Focus. Whether drivers need to make a quick jaunt to the grocery store or a longer commute to work each day, these vehicles put in the energy needed to make any distance enjoyable and exciting. The 2016 Ford Focus starts with at $17,225 MSRP, just $5 from the 2016 Toyota Corolla.

Generating 160 horsepower, the Corolla offers a very similar power output to its challenger, and with a difference of just one highway mpg, its efficiency offerings are also comparable. Inside the Focus' cabin is only 90.0 cubic feet of passenger space, which makes things a little tighter when packed with all five passengers.

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2016 Toyota Corolla VS 2016 Ford Focus
42 MPG 38
$17,300 MSRP $17,225
140 Horsepower 160
97.5 cu. ft. Passenger space 90.0 cu. ft.

2016 Toyota Corolla Janesville, Wisconsin

The 2016 Toyota Corolla starts with a $17,300 MSRP, which makes its price nearly identical to the Focus'. With the ability to earn an estimated 42 mpg highway fuel economy, the Corolla dominates the competition with its dedication to efficiency and cleaner driving. While its power output is also similar to the Focus', the Corolla offers more space inside its cabin with up to 97.5 cubic feet for passengers. If drivers want to experience one of the best-selling vehicles in the industry, they can schedule a test drive with the 2016 Toyota Corolla at Hesser Toyota today.

2016 Toyota Corolla in blue
2016 Toyota Corolla passenger space
2016 Toyota Corolla interior technology
2016 Toyota Corolla driver cabin

2016 Toyota Corolla JAnesville WI
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