2016 Toyota Yaris vs 2016 Ford Fiesta

The athletic hatchback segment is heating things up with a competition between the 2016 Toyota Yaris and the 2016 Ford Fiesta. These two spritely vehicles are giving drivers the energy they crave behind the wheel with balanced performances and sporty styling.

The 2016 Ford Fiesta starts with a reasonable price of just $14,090 MSRP. Earning an estimated 36 mpg highway fuel economy, the vehicle clearly puts thought into its performance to provide drivers with peace of mind. When upgraded to its highest trim level, the Fiesta can generate up to 197 horsepower under the hood, making it an energetic option for hatchback enthusiasts. Offering 85.1 cubic feet of passenger space, the Fiesta also shows its dedication to traveler comfort inside its cabin.

2016 Toyota Yaris vs 2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Toyota Yaris VS 2016 Ford Fiesta
37 MPG 36
$14,895 MSRP $14,090
106 Horsepower 197
85.1 cu. ft. Passenger capacity 85.1 cu. ft.

2016 Toyota Yaris Janesville, Wisconsin

One of the most balanced hatchbacks available comes in the form of the 2016 Toyota Yaris. Starting at $14,895 MSRP, the Yaris is one of the more attainable vehicles available on the road today. Offering an estimated 37 mpg highway fuel economy, the Yaris proves its dedication to efficiency with each mile it travels. Under the hood, the Yaris can generate an enthusiastic 106-horsepower performance, which further demonstrates its love of balance and fuel consciousness. Also offering 85.1 cubic feet of passenger space, the Yaris allows its travelers to be comfortable on the road despite its compact structure. To learn more about the 2016 Toyota Yaris, drivers can schedule a test drive at Hesser Toyota online or at the dealership today.

2016 Toyota Yaris exterior
2016 Toyota Yaris side view
2016 Toyota Yaris interior
2016 Toyota Yaris cargo space

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