2019 Toyota Prius c Janesville WI

While the station wagon-esque Prius v was discontinued after the 2017 model year, the much more exciting and stylish little Prius c lives on. First introduced at the 2011 North American International Auto show as a concept car, the Prius c – which stands for city, as it’s intended to be the more urban city driver of the Prius family – went into production later that year and hit the market first for the 2012 model year. Now nearly a decade later, the 2019 Toyota Prius c in Janesville WI represents the latest iteration of the model as it continues its first generation. With the popularity of the Prius family, we don’t foresee the Prius c going the way of the admittedly less popular Prius v anytime soon. If anything, we imagine the Prius c will get a much needed generational redesign sometime within the next couple of years, though that’s just conjecture at this point.

Specs & Features of the 2019 Prius c

While the Prius c might not deliver the same kind of efficiency that the regular Prius does, it is still quite efficient and makes a great option for those drivers looking to get behind the wheel of a tiny little car perfect for zig-zagging through urban cities and squeezing into the tight parking spots. The Prius c is powered by a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine tethered to an electric motor that together makes it capable of generating a net 99 horsepower. That isn’t a lot of power, but considering the Prius c only weighs an astoundingly light 2,530 pounds, that power packs a bigger punch than it might seem. The engine also enables the Prius c to achieve 48 miles per gallon through the city and 43 mpg on the highway, for a combined 46 mpg. These numbers are pretty impressive for a little hatchback sedan. Packed with great content inside and out, the Prius c promises to make a great option for any urban driver that doesn’t need a ton of space. If you think it’ll make a good option for you, be sure to reach out to us right away here at Hesser Toyota!