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For many car buyers, there’s an uncomfortable elephant in the room when it comes to discussing their finances. Bad credit can certainly complicate the shopping process in ways that we aren’t always comfortable with, but Hesser Toyota is here to help. We proudly offer financing and purchasing options to buyers in all sorts of situations, even those who might have a less-than-perfect credit history. Bad credit may prevent a person from having perfect peace of mind at all times, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have dependable transportation.

At Hesser Toyota, we are pleased to offer financing to drivers around the Janesville area, and we proudly accept 100% of all applications that we receive. We believe that everyone at least deserves the consideration that their application represents, and that an imperfect credit history shouldn’t prevent anyone from having a car, truck or SUV that they can rely on.

If Your Credit Has Kept You from Getting a Loan, You're in Luck

So, do you have events in your credit history that have made buying a car or securing a loan difficult? Whether it’s a bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossession, we’d still welcome your application. Even if you’ve got an existing debt with the IRS or a collection agency, we still may be able to help you secure financing on a vehicle that you can afford. At Hesser Toyota, we’ve made it our mission to provide transportation to our friends in Janesville and beyond whenever possible, even when the credit in question is less than perfect.

If you’d like to discuss your financing opportunities at Hesser Toyota, we encourage you to call, email or simply fill out the form, and a member of our staff will be in touch with you!

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