Toyota Avalon front and side profile


Drivers looking to inject some class into their rides can turn to the radically stylish Toyota Avalon. The sleek and efficient full-sized sedan will elevate any driver’s travel experience.

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Two Toyota Camry cars driving on a road


The award-winning Toyota Camry is the automaker’s bread and butter for good reason. Delivering style, strength, and versatility, it’s no surprise that the Camry is one of the most-loved midsize sedans in the industry, let alone in Janesville and Beloit, WI.

Toyota Corolla front profile


The athletic Toyota Corolla is known for its diverse performance and functional interior. With space to comfortably accommodate a car full of people, the Corolla makes an ideal vehicle for families and carpoolers throughout Janesville and Beloit.

Toyota Yaris front and side profile


Drivers who believe small can’t be mighty haven’t encountered the Toyota Yaris. Its compact size doesn’t prevent the Yaris from delivering massive efficiency or excitement behind the wheel.

Toyota RAV4 front and side profile



Adventurous drivers can take their travels even farther in the Toyota RAV4. The crossover’s functionality and style are only two of the reasons why drivers can’t wait to be seen behind the RAV’s wheel.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid rear profile

Avalon Hybrid

Drivers wanting the style and class of an Avalon, but with far more efficiency can upgrade to the Toyota Avalon Hybrid. Balancing brains and beauty is this hybrid’s forte.
Toyota Highlander front and side profile



From the office to off the grid, the Toyota Highlander has the power and performance strengths to take drivers wherever their days lead. Whether an active traveler or a member of a growing family, the Highlander is the perfect companion for all passengers’ needs.

Toyota RAV$ Hybrid rear and side profile


RAV4 Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4 is changing the way drivers see electric vehicle performance. Maintaining the space and versatility of the standard RAV4, but with unmatched efficiency, this electric crossover taking travelers even farther.


Toyota 4Runner side profile



Ruggedness takes shape in the Toyota 4Runner. From appearance to performance, the 4Runner exudes off-road strength and exhibits its capabilities on and off the road.

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Toyota Sequoia side profile



Whether transporting large groups of people or cargo, the Toyota Sequoia has the strength to handle any haul with power and confidence.

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Toyota Land Cruiser driving on a dirt road

Land Cruiser

True flexibility comes in the form of the Toyota Land Cruiser. From its interior flexibility to its ability to take on paved roads and off-road conditions, the Land Cruiser is limitless in its performance.
Toyota Tacoma front and side profile



When more strength is needed on or off the road, drivers can turn to the Toyota Tacoma, a midsize truck with full-sized power.


Toyota Tundra side profile



When drivers need a vehicle strong enough to handle hauls and their active families, they turn to the Toyota Tundra. Available with three powerful engines, the truck is ideal for heavy-duty towing.

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Toyota Prius side profile



Paving the way for all hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles to date, the Toyota Prius lineup has revolutionized the way vehicles and drivers perform on the road. Now a family of four, the Prius lineup has a vehicle for every driving need and preference.

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Toyota Highlander Hybrid front and side profile

Highlander Hybrid

If stopping at the gas station is taking time away from work or family, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the ideal match. Delivering classic Highlander functionality with even more efficiency, this hybrid SUV is taking its performance to another level.
Toyota Sienna front and side profile



The Swagger Wagon is finally bringing flair to the family-friendly vehicle segment. This eight-passenger minivan is sleek, stylish and tech-savvy while also offering an all-wheel-drive performance.

Toyota Prius Prime front and side profile


Prius Prime

Drivers who feel the Prius’ incredible fuel economy rating still isn’t enough can turn to the Prius Plug-in Hybrid for unmatched efficiency.


Toyota Camry Hybrid front and side profile


Camry Hybrid

Drivers wanting the reliability of a Camry with the efficiency of a hybrid can look in the direction of the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Adopting the iconic Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, the vehicle is able to produce more efficiency under the hood while also maintaining its power.